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SubTitulo: The Tragedy of a Discoverer
Autor: HOUBEN, H. H.
Edição: London
Descrição: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. 1935 Enc. editorial, capa dura int. de linho com sobrecapa ilustrada; 308 págs.; 222 mm. Translated for the German by John Linton. "This exciting book is a rare combination of accurate research and vivid writing. The author has built up his story with great skill from the original sources and from the letters of Columbus. He has immersed himself in the history and geographical research of his period. The obscurity surroundong Columbus`s birth, his early attempts to gain support for a voyage to discover the Indies by the westward route, his troubles with the Spanish clergy over his heretical notion that the earth was round, are described in detail. Then comes the fascinating story of Columbus`s three voyages, and his gradually extending discoveries in regions which he never ceased to believe to be in the vicinity of China or India. (...)" Inbadanas

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